Wooden construction elements

The Wooden construction elements product group includes:

  • the industrial production of:
    • doors;
    • windows;
    • parquet flooring;
    • glued laminated trusses;
    • rafters;
  • wood preservation;
  • wood frame construction;
  • timber construction.

It includes the following groups:

  • Building components (Door section, Outdoor industrialized joinery section, Industrialized building section, Glued laminated timber framework section, Roof trusses with plate joints section and Wood impregnation section).
  • Parquet flooring.
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In these times of climate change, building with wood should be an obvious choice.
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Nearly 1 in 10 new-build homes made of wood

According to figures from Hout Info Bois, the share of timber construction in Belgium was around 8% in 2020. Within timber construction, timber frame construction remains popular. In addition, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is enjoying strong growth. You only have to look at all the tall timber residential towers that are popping up all over Europe, and now also in Belgium. But wood not only plays a role in new-build homes; more and more wood is also being used in renovations, e.g. having an additional floor installed (the so-called add-ons), facade renovation or for carports, gazebos and terraces, etc.

Construction or renovation plans? choose wood!

Building with wood offers various advantages over traditional residential construction: it is a quick and dry way to build, with virtually no construction waste. Moreover, part of the construction process takes place in the workshop, where building modules are prefabricated before being shipped to the building site. This means that there is much less traffic on the site, which is therefore environmentally friendly.

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Wooden buildings are good for people and health

Wooden buildings have better thermal insulation, are energy-saving, absorb sound, are fire-safe, etc. And there are other advantages: they provide an ideal indoor climate, thereby having a positive effect on human health (less risk of allergies, less stress) and on work and study.

The ideal solution to climate change

Building with wood is the ideal solution in the fight against climate change. By opting for wood instead of traditional building materials that emit a lot of CO2 when processed, and which therefore have a substantial climate impact, the CO2 emissions when using wood are much less. What is more, the carbon contained in the wood remains stored in timber buildings for decades. In other words, wood is a renewable and climate-friendly raw material!

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Key figures
Number of companies 223
Number of employees 3.165
Turnover (in million EUR) 1.068
Exported quota 15 %
Turnover evolution in 2022 (in volume) -30 %
Share in the total turnover of the Belgian woodworking and furniture industry 15 %

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Piet Vanthournout

Piet Vanthournout

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