Wooden construction elements

The Wooden construction elements product group includes:

  • the industrial production of:
    • doors;
    • windows;
    • parquet flooring;
    • glued laminated trusses;
    • rafters;
  • wood preservation;
  • wood frame construction;
  • timber construction.

It includes the following groups:

  • Building components (Door section, Outdoor industrialized joinery section, Industrialized building section, Glued laminated timber framework section, Roof trusses with plate joints section and Wood impregnation section).
  • Parquet flooring.
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(Re-)building with wood is the solution: not only is it good for the climate, it also has positive effects on the body and mind of the occupants.

Group activities

  • The Timber Construction Elements product group operates through specialist sections (fire doors, parquet flooring, super-insulating exterior joinery, roof structures, etc.). Additional ad hoc working groups are set up as required;
  • The Timber Construction group operates independently;
  • Follow-up of the European regulation on construction products, indoor air quality and emissions from construction materials;
  • Promotion of wood: ‘Wood. A natural choice’.
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Construction or renovation plans? Choose wood!

Building with wood offers numerous advantages over traditional residential construction: it is a quick(er) and dry way to build. Moreover, part of the construction process takes place in the workshop, where building modules are prefabricated before being shipped to the building site. This means that there is much less traffic on the site, making it environmentally friendly in itself. The good insulating properties of wood also make it possible to use thinner walls in building structures, creating some additional interior space. There are also a multitude of applications with wood for the interior.

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Wooden buildings are good for people and health

Wooden buildings have better thermal insulation, are energy-saving, absorb sound, are fire-safe, etc. And there are other advantages: they provide an ideal indoor climate, thereby having a positive effect on human health (less risk of allergies, less stress) and on work and study.

CE marking for all construction products

The CE mark guarantees that a product meets a European harmonised standard and then acts as a passport for this product within the European single market. There is now a requirement for CE marking for: wood-based panels, roof trusses, timber frame construction, graded wood, exterior joinery, wood floors, composite beams, roof elements and wood cladding. For fire-resistant interior doors, however, this is not yet the case.

Fedustria continues to push for a harmonised European market for all construction products, based on the CE marking. The arena of mutual recognition is a trap that must not be stepped into. After all, additional and/or different regulations per Member State impedes the free movement of goods, and thus is actually a form of inappropriate protectionism.

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Key figures
Number of companies 219
Number of employees 3,093
Turnover (in million EUR) 1,065.5
Exported quota 15 %
Activity evolution in 2023 (in value) -3 %
Share in the total turnover of the Belgian woodworking and furniture industry 18 %

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