Climate & Sustainability

Fedustria provides information, tailored advice and assistance on:

  • water, air, waste, emissions, packaging, soil and energy
  • circular economy (e.g. extended producer responsibility) and corporate sustainability
  • European Timber Regulation EUTR
  • assistance with annual obligations of environmental administration (e.g. packaging waste declarations, solvent accounting...)
  • drawing up an application for an environmental permit
  • certification and labelling (e.g. PEFC/FSC...)
  • Belgian, European and international standardization, CE marking, technical approvals...
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Fedustria is actively involved in various projects such as SUStech and TEXCHEM, with which we want to guide our member companies in the pursuit of sustainable management. By the project “corporate social responsibility in the wooden building elements” project we take a step forward and try – beside the ecological and economic aspect – to also to explain the social aspect of management.

Indeed the results of previous projects remain available, for instance projects concerning textile waste water sludge, industrial waste, solvent emission reduction in the woodworking and furniture sector, rational use of energy, Vlarip (Reach), SUSPRO³…

Furthermore Fedustria has privileged contacts with the respective research centres of the sectors, i.e. Centexbel and (the previous Technical Centre for Woodworking), other research institutes such as universities and colleges, and competent authorities.

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