Miscellaneous wood products

This multi-faceted product group includes the manufacture of small wooden objects (woodturning) as well as:

  • playground equipment,
  • frames,
  • mouldings,
  • brushes,
  • paintbrushes,
  • musical instruments,
  • coffins,
  • ...

It is composed of the following groups:

  • Frames and mouldings,
  • Brushes and paintbrushes,
  • Stand builders,
  • Diverse industries,
  • Coffins.
The companies active in this niche sector are specialists in making wooden products for highly specific applications, which must meet strict standards.
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Something for everyone

All of us come into contact with the products from this diverse product group from time to time: our (grand) children love wooden playground equipment, music lovers adore playing their wooden musical instruments, we use brushes and paintbrushes for arts or hygienic purposes, wooden frames decorate our interiors, and at the end of a person's life, "the last piece of furniture" makes its appearance.

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High quality and safe products

The companies active in this sector work hard to ensure high quality, safety and innovation. This is exactly what makes them stand out from players in cheaper countries.

Suppliers of playground equipment, park and street furniture, and other products and services for the benefit of the recreational sector are brought together in the group 'Recreabel'. Recreabel closely monitors developments in European standardisation and maintains close contacts with playground operators and with the FPS Economy, which is responsible for safety inspections in the field.

Fedustria's 'Brushes Group' follows the specific standards for brushes that come into direct contact with food products and are subject to very strict hygiene and food safety requirements. Fedustria therefore keeps a close eye on legislation.

Want to know more about Recreabel?

See more info about Recreabel here

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Key figures
Number of companies 58
Number of employees 550
Turnover (in million EUR) 271
Exported quota n.b.
Turnover evolution in 2022 (in volume) +25 %
Share in the total turnover of the Belgian woodworking and furniture industry 4 %

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Filip De Jaeger

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