Miscellaneous wood products

This multi-faceted product group includes the manufacture of small wooden objects (woodturning) as well as:

  • playground equipment,
  • frames,
  • mouldings,
  • brushes,
  • paintbrushes,
  • musical instruments,
  • coffins,
  • ...

It is composed of the following groups:

  • Frames and mouldings,
  • Brushes and paintbrushes,
  • Stand builders,
  • Diverse industries,
  • Coffins.
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With the raw material 'wood', specialist manufacturing companies make numerous useful and safe items.

Group activities

  • The various subsectors in this very heterogeneous group meet with their colleagues to discuss specific actions concerning their product;
  • Promotion of wood: ‘Wood. A natural choice’.
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Something for everyone

All of us come into contact with the products from this diverse group from time to time: our (grand) children love wooden playground equipment, music-lovers like playing their wooden musical instruments, we use brushes and paintbrushes for arts or hygienic purposes, wooden frames decorate our interiors, and at the end of a person's life, 'the last piece of furniture' makes its appearance.

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High-quality and safe products

For playground equipment manufacturers, safety is an absolute priority. At the Recreabel group, this issue is high on the agenda. There is also a focus on good collaboration with the inspection services from the FPS Economy. Currently, the focus is on a reworking of the Royal Decrees on the safety of playgrounds and their equipment.

Manufacturers of brushes and pencils offer a very wide range of products: from brushes for personal hygiene, household brushes, paint brushes and rollers, to technical brushes for specific applications such as food contact or technical machinery. By focusing on high quality, safety and innovation, Belgian producers can continue to differentiate themselves from the offering from cheaper countries.

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Want to know more about Recreabel?

See more info about Recreabel here

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Key figures
Number of companies 57
Number of employees 542
Turnover (in million EUR) 262,6
Exported quota n.b.
Activity evolution in 2023 (in value) -5,4 %
Share in the total turnover of the Belgian woodworking and furniture industry 4 %

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Filip De Jaeger

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