Flanders Circular

Flanders Circular is a partnership of governments, businesses, civil society and the knowledge community that has set the goal of achieving the transition to the circular economy in Flanders by 2050.

Whereas in the early years - Flanders Circular was set up in 2017 - the focus was on experimentation, this platform now shifts up a gear by focusing on scaling up and making best practice widespread. This reorientation is accompanied by a revamped steering committee, in which Fedustria has a role. In addition, other sector federations (VCB, Essenscia, Agoria, Fevia, Denuo, Flemish Employers' Platform, Febelfin), research institutions (VITO and Steunpunt CE Center), Bond Beter Leefmilieu and VVSG also participate in the steering committee of Flanders Circular.

This platform is run under the auspices of ministers Demir and Crevits, so it is clear that the transition to the circular economy is not only an ecological necessity but also an economic opportunity. Not least in terms of innovation and employment.

The 6 working agendas on which Flanders Circular focuses are:

  • Circular construction
  • Chemicals and plastics
  • Water cycles
  • Bio-economy
  • Food chain
  • Manufacturing (textiles, furniture, electrical, batteries, etc.)

In short, there are several highly relevant topics for Fedustria, which are being actively followed up by different Fedustria employees.