CSR Sector passport

Corporate Social Responsibility with wooden construction elements

Thanks to the project "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in wooden construction elements," Fedustria had the opportunity to create a CSR sector passport for the sub-sector of wooden construction elements.

In the first phase, Fedustria came up with 7 spearheads for the wood sector, which straddle 26 specific challenges for companies in the sub-sector of wooden construction elements. These 26 challenges were selected and validated by the stakeholder panel, and form the basis of the CSR sector passport.

These challenges for companies were then categorised under 19 GRI standards for sustainability reporting. Each of these challenges and standards can be reduced to one of the three main pillars within CSR: the social, economic and environmental pillars (people, profit, planet).

Sustainability reporting & GRI

One way to communicate CSR endeavours is to produce a sustainability report. The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is an international guideline for sustainability reporting, and among other things offers a comprehensive list of standards that can be reported on in a sustainability report. This CSR sector passport was drawn up in accordance with GRI 4, which means that - thanks to this sector passport - companies can immediately start working on the challenges in the sector.

The CSR sector passport was drawn up in collaboration with a stakeholder panel, consisting of representatives of government, civil society organisations, employee organisations and other stakeholders, among others. This project could be realised thanks to the support of the Flemish ESF Agency.

The complete overview of company challenges and corresponding GRI standards can be found here.