Economy & Law

The services of Fedustria at economic and legal level include information, customized advice and support with regard to:

  • regional economic policy: aids for investments, export, subsidy audit...;
  • federal, European and international economic policy: trade defence instruments, new generation of (bilateral) free trade agreements, export taxes and barriers…;
  • customs matters, including origin issues, agency contracts, advice about IPR (intellectual property right)…;
  • public procurement;
  • tax and juridical issues;
  • statistics, market information, trade statistics;
  • innovation: product innovation, new materials, trends, process innovation;
  • export: individual and collective prospecting journeys, collective participations at domestic and foreign fairs, studies about export markets, export seminaries…;
  • promotion: organisation and coordination of activities, e.g. with regard to image.
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Additionally Fedustria has privileged contacts with research institutes, collective centres (Centexbel, CTIB-TCHN), competency poles, universities and colleges, authorities (at local, regional, national and European level), other partners.

At export level Fedustria also maintains close relationships with fair organizers, trade attachés, international trade press and concerned export organisations FIT, AWEX, Brussels Export…

In the lap of Fedustria promotion is also conducted for specific product groups, e.g. through De Slaapraad.

Fedustria enters into partnership with Agoria to provide tax services

To continue offering high-quality tax services, Fedustria has partnered with Agoria.

Specifically, this means you can ask your tax questions directly to the tax experts at Agoria Tax Consultants. These are Bartel Van Dyck (, T 02 400 03 08), Tom De Wit (, T 02 706 84 02) and Laurie Kleijnen (, T 02 706 78 21).

Agoria team fiscale dienst © Agoria / Bartel Van Dyck & Tom De Wit
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