WATF 2023

WATF - Woodcraft And Textile Futures

The new trend platform watf.news should become the inspiration spot for trends and innovation within the Belgian textile, wood and furniture industry complemented by young, creative talent.

It is part of the 'image and rejuvenation exercise' that Fedustria is deploying under the impetus of new CEO Karla Basselier. Besides having a very rich history, the textile, wood and furniture industries also have a lot of innovation and international prestige, but young talents find it hard to find their way. With watf.news, Fedustria aims to bring the industry's drive, creativity and forward-thinking attitude to a wider audience. Later, a campaign to the tweens or ZAlpha generation will follow, followed next year by a campaign to young adults with Urban Crafts.

Mood pictures of the Trend Event on 25.09.2023