The services of Fedustria at social level include information, customized advice and support in the matter of:

  • all questions with respect to the correct law enforcement with regard to contracts of employment, working hours, annual holiday, paid public holidays, training, time credit, work rules, salary scales, job ranking, restructuring, mass redundancy etc.;
  • what the collective agreements of the textile sector and the woodworking and furniture industry prescribe, e.g. with regard to early retirement, shift work, overtime…;
  • assistance in finding job applicants for vacancies, premiums for recruitments, functioning of training centres, training obligations and learning programmes.

To this end Fedustria follows existing and new regulation on social juridical matters on a daily basis.

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Fedustria supports the company for every problem, from its start to its possible closure, from the recruitment of a worker to the end of an employment contract and for individual and collective decisions.

Thus Fedustria can also take care of:

  • drawing up and/or setting down the company agreement (company cba);
  • mediation in case of disputes or discussions with the social inspection, NEO, NSSO…

Daily Fedustria has external contacts with various authorities, such as trade unions, NEO, VDAB, social inspection, education, national health services, social secretariats, employers’ umbrellas… To this end, our staff members sit in various bodies and committees, such as the various joint committees, learning committees, training centres (Cobot, CFB, Cevora), Social Security funds, Voka, Beci, VBO, UWE...

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Social Security Fund for the woodworking and furniture industry

The Social Security Fund for the woodworking and furniture industry is located at Fedustria’s headquarters in Anderlecht. This Fund grants the workers in the sector thirteen extra social advantages. The most important advantage is the fidelity allowance, which is yearly paid in December. The Fund also grants advantages in case of incapacity for work (extra allowance in case of long term incapacity for work and to the victims of industrial accident, disabled), in case of unemployment (extra unemployment benefit) or end of career (allowance to retired workers, regularisation benefit for unemployed people).

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