What does the FEDUSTRIA membership offer?

Overall benefits serving the interests of your sector

As an organisation that represents employers, Fedustria looks after your interests on the subject of social, economic, legal, tax-related and technical matters, while devoting the necessary attention to climate and sustainability, energy, export and innovation at all levels of policy-making (regional, federal, European and international).

We will provide you with focused information by means of our digital Newsletter, our website and its extensive Extranet and by means of information sessions or training courses and learning networks. We also highlight positive stories from the world of business via our social media channels.

You can also make contact with colleagues and other members from the same sector during meetings and networking events.

Made-to-measure benefits for your company

As a member, you can call upon the staff at Fedustria to receive specialist services tailored to your company's needs.

Those services include the following principal areas:

  • Social: the applicability of legislation, CLAs
  • Economy: funding, customs, export promotion and trade fairs, innovation, etc.
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Legal and taxation
  • European and international
  • Communications.

We can also lend a helping hand with regard to other matters as well.

Fedustria operates in close collaboration with the sector-specific technology centres Centexbel and Wood.be and the sectoral training centres Cobot and Woodwize.