Wood. The natural choice.

‘Wood. The natural choice' is a campaign to promote the use of wood and wooden products in Belgium, and will represent all product groups within the wood and furniture sector. Similarly to the 'Wood gives oxygen' campaign, this campaign will also focus on climate and sustainability, as one of the many benefits of choosing wood. In this, the existing CO2 Calculator (see: https://www.houtgeeftzuurstof....) will also continue to play an important role.

Houtpromotie Beeld Duurzaamheid

The campaign is designed to raise awareness among journalists, policy-makers, architects, interior designers, builders, etc. that wood is an excellent choice of material for a wide range of applications. At the same time, we will work to improve people's perception of wood, because unfortunately there are still unjustified prejudices that put people off choosing wood.

The campaign will use targeted messages via social media, online ads, PR/editorial coverage, trade media and newsletters to encourage visits to the expanded website houtdenatuurlijkekeuze.be. Visitors to the site can read all about opting for wood, decorating with wood and building and/or renovating with wood. Through this digital platform, projects of Fedustria member companies are brought to the attention of the above-mentioned target groups.

The campaign was devised in collaboration with the communications agency Big Amsterdam, who are also responsible for promoting wood in the Netherlands, together with Centrum Hout.

Definitely take a look at www.houtdenatuurlijkekeuze.be.