The textile, woodworking and furniture industry in Belgium

Fedustria represents the companies of the textile, woodworking & furniture industry in Belgium. We defend their interests and offer them a wide range of specialized services and business leads. We inform them about the most recent evolutions of different topics that may concern them. We do this by different means online (extranet, social media, e-mailings, etc.) and offline (members’ magazine, seminars, formation sessions, network meetings, etc). On top of all of these services, our members can enjoy different benefits (i.e. energy buying, credit insurance).

These industries account for about 40,000 jobs in 2,000 companies and generate a turnover of €10,3 billion, mostly through exports. Thus, the textile, woodworking and furniture industry is one of the most important industries in Belgium.

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Our services

The services of Fedustria is extensive and stretches across three domains.

Many benefits as a Fedustria member

Becoming a member is more than a sustainable investment.

  • Wide range of specialized and individual services;
  • Rapid provision of sector news;
  • Benefit from numerous advantages;
  • Meet other manufacturers from the sector;
  • Have your interests defended with social partners, authorities and other third parties.

Fedustria, the professional association for companies of the textile, woodworking and furniture industries

By becoming a member of Fedustria you are assured of a professional and effective support, which is guaranteed by a team of specialised staff. Becoming a member also means to enjoy numerous benefits, which reinforce the influence of the textile, woodworking and furniture sectors and optimise their advocacy.

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