Call for abstracts - 4th International Conference - FIRE-RETARDANT TEXTILES AND PLASTICS

Op 05 octobre 2022 -

The 4th International Conference FIRE-RETARDANT TEXTILES AND PLASTICS 2022 takes place on-site in Gent (Belgium) on October 5-6, 2022.

Call for Abstracts

You have the opportunity to contribute to the conference program and submit an abstract for a talk or poster presentation. Please note that the Call for Abstracts for oral presentations ends on May 31, 2022. The Call for Abstracts for poster contributions is open until June 30, 2022.

The conference aims to identify the main changes and trends in the flame retardants market and to develop adequate strategies for today and tomorrow. It will therefore provide a comprehensive update of all aspects of fire retardancy and FR additives for textiles and plastics.

This international conference will address

  • burning behavior of materials;
  • intrinsic flame-retardant fibres and polymers;
  • flame-retardant coatings and finishes
  • flame retardants;
  • legislation;
  • standardisation;
  • applications.

Target groups

  • producers and distributors of flame-retardant fibres, polymers, compounds and FR-additives;
  • producers of FR materials (textiles and plastics);
  • research centers, schools and universities;
  • testing laboratories;
  • architects (tender specifications);
  • authorities (tenders, fire-fighters, environmental legislation, REACH directive).


  • experiencing the latest developments in the field of products, standards, test methods, legislation;
  • discovering new application fields;
  • understanding FR, environment and legislation related issues;
  • networking.

Download the template for your abstract via

Send your abstract to Ann De Grijse -

"Given the importance of this theme, Centexbel organizes, in collaboration with Fedustria, a conference on flame retardancy and flame-retardant additives for textiles, plastics, foam rubber and composite materials."


Welcoming and Evolution, developments, tendencies in FR - Isabel De Schrijver, Centexbel


  • Polymeric and Durable Flame Retardant Systems for Textiles - Lein Tange, ICL-IP
  • Safe & sustainable use of ATO in plastics and coated textiles - Hans Vercammen, Campine
  • Key role of chemistry for developing flame retardant polymeric materials - Fouad Laoutid, MateriaNova

11:00 Coffee break


  • Our Developments in Halogen Free Flame Retardants for Textile Finishing - Wael Ali, Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West
  • Performance of bio-based FR for textiles - David De Smet, Centexbel

12:30 Lunch


  • FARBioTY: flame and ageing resistant biocomposites - Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex
  • Treated hemp fibers fire behaviour - Lily Deborde, Univ. Rennes
  • Flameproof finishing of protective garments by laundry technology - Lenka Martinková, InoTEX

15:30 Coffee break


  • Intrinsic flame-retardant fibres and polymers - Wouter Verbouwe, Basaltex
  • Development mineral fibre and derivate products allowing to handle and protect structures at extremely high temperature - Bernard Voss, Isomatex
  • Valbree: Recovery of Waste Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Containing Brominated Flame Retardants - Stijn Steuperaert, Centexbel

17:30 Closing and drink

18:00 Congress dinner

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