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op 27 mei 2021

What might have been presented at Techtextil 2021

2021 – No Techtextil in Frankfurt As an alternative, Centexbel organizes a seminar on “What might have been presented at Techtextil 2021” focusing on the technical areas where textiles make a difference now and in the near future. It shows the potential of technical textiles in different applications.


Technical Textiles – trends and applications
Sander presents an overview of technological developments in technical textiles over the last 2 years. Based on (patent) publications, he shows what could have been showcased at Techtextil 2021.
Sander De Vrieze - Centexbel 

Future of Agro and Agrotex, the challenges of agriculture and how textiles can be part of the solution
Agriculture – in particular in Europe - is facing tremendous challenges to maintain or even improve the productivity rate of high-quality and safe food, with less impact on the environment and climate change. Recently, these challenges have been translated in the Farm to Fork strategy within the European Green Deal. Farmers are searching for feasible solutions enabling them to use less chemical nutrients and plant protection products, to reduce the emission of nitrogen and greenhouse gases, and maximize animal welfare. The pathways to reach these solutions are very different, ranging from the implementation of organic and agro-ecological practices to high-tech multi-layer farming factories. Agrotextiles can deliver interesting services to both pathways.
Agriculture and textile industry have a historically unique relationship as agriculture delivers qualitative fibres and other raw materials to the textile industry. Flanders is the cradle of worldwide flax production. As the European economy needs to become more bio-based, this relationship is valuable offering innovation perspectives to both sectors within this domain.
Mia Demeulemeester - Inagro 

A study on the Google Jacquard electronics for textiles
The Google Jacquard module is one of the rare examples of truly integrated electronics for wearable textiles. The main focus lies on how the unit is technically integrated into the textile, but we also show how this unit is used to fit multiple markets. We look at how the unit is integrated into the textile and will compare practice to the applicable patents.
Brecht Demedts - Centexbel 

Developments in fabric manufacturing of technical textiles
Many new developments and conceptions to manufacture technical textiles, based on conventional fabrication processes, have emerged. These developments aim at creating technical textiles with novel structures, functionalities, and applications. We will present some of these recent developments, focusing on the formation of various fabric structures and their applications.
Jun Yin - Centexbel 

Novel applications for technical textiles in the construction industry
Technical textiles are increasingly used in the construction industry. A vast number of novel applications have emerged in the building, civil and geotechnical field in the last decade. A selection of which will be presented to the audience, going from fibre-reinforced concrete, textile-reinforced cementitious lightweight structural Insulating walls, fibre-reinforced polymer bridges to innovative geotechnical applications (such as reinforced soil/fills, load transfer platforms for rigid inclusions, etc.).
Petra Van Itterbeeck & Noël Huybrechts - BBRI 

Textile fibre production - Industry 4.0, circularity, bio-based, etc. how?
Just like every industry, the textile industry is confronted with concepts such as "Industry 4.0", "circularity", and "bio-based". Isabel will present some examples of how textile fibre production can be transformed into a smart industry, that is not only dealing with standard petroleum-based polymers, but that is able to reprocess bio-based and recycled materials.
Isabel De Schrijver - Centexbel 

Practical information

  • Due to the coronavirus, this event is organized online. It takes place live and you get the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Fee: Centexbel members: 100 euro – other participants: 120 euro.
  • More information and registration: https://www.centexbel.be/en/ag...:
  • All registered participants will receive a confirmation email with the link to the TEAMS webinar. A few days in advance, the link to the presentations will also be forwarded.
  • Centexbel is recognized by the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) - Registration number DV.O101549.