Horizon exploration medical textiles

op 29 april 2021

For over a year, the entire world has been in the throes of the corona pandemic that has put many medical textile products, and predominantly face masks, in the center of attention. In this horizon exploration we will address the increased research and development activities in view of more appropriate ways to fight the pandemic as well as the review and implementation of new standards and legislation, triggered by the increased demand and use of medical textiles.


Last year's novelties in medical textiles
Sander presents last year’s novelties in the field of medical textiles, inspired by patents (applications) published in 2020.
Sander de Vrieze, Centexbel

Relevant standards to demonstrate the compliance of medical textile articles with the legislation
Mark will provide an overview of the most relevant standards that can help to show the compliance of a medical textile article with the applicable legislation. He will also explain how the current experiences will most likely lead to new and improved standards.
Mark Croes, Centexbel

COVVID-PBM - Personal Protection - comfort and safety on the work floor and in crowded environments
Myriam will present the COVVID-PBM project that is aimed at the dissemination of information about different mask types, including respiratory, medical and community masks and will then focus on explaining the materials and properties of medical masks.
Myriam Vanneste, Centexbel

Hygienic manufacturing and (re)-processing of medical textile articles

Reservist - Repurposing manufacturing lines for providing medical and other products and services in case of spiking demand times
The project’s goal is to set up so-called ‘reservist cells’ to be activated in times of crises within 48 hours to switch to the production of the necessary products and services. The concept is inspired by military and humanitarian relief aid operations, where ‘rapid response teams’ are constantly on stand-by, ready to be activated in case of emergencies. This approach is based on the RESERVIST network, a group of actors (including companies, RTDs, enablers, and also end-users) united to provide medical equipment.
Frederik Goethals, Centexbel


  • Due to the coronavirus, this event is organized online. It takes place live and you get the opportunity to ask questions.
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