Fire-Retardant Textiles and Plastics Fourth International Conference

van 18 tot 19 november 2020

Call for Papers

Fire-retardant materials play a very important role in society. The main drivers are the growing international demand for flame-retardant products as a consequence of more stringent fire safety and environmental requirements, and new approaches to sustainability. 

The 4th International Conference on Fire-Retardant Textiles & Plastics aims to identify the main changes and trends on the flame retardants market and to develop adequate strategies for today and tomorrow, and will provide a comprehensive update on all aspects of fire-retardancy and FR additives for textiles and plastics.

You are kindly invited to present a lecture and/or scientific poster at the upcoming FR- Conference in Ghent.

The focus will be on

  • the burning behaviour of materials
  • intrinsic flame-retardant fibres and polymers
  • flame-retardant coatings and finishes
  • flame retardants
  • legislation
  • standardisation
  • applications

Target group

  • producers and distributors of flame-retardant fibres, polymers, compounds and FR-additives
  • producers of FR materials (textiles and plastics)
  • research centres, schools and universities
  • testing laboratories
  • architects (tender specifications)
  • authorities (tenders, fire-fighting, environmental legislation, REACH directive etc.)


  • experiencing the latest developments in the field of products, standards, test methods, legislation
  • discovering new application fields
  • understanding FR, environment and legislation related issues
  • networking and business opportunities
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